White Vilene/Vlieseline G770 Fusible Stretch Interlining

Manufactured by Vlieseline (Vilene)
75cm / 29-30 inch wide
Bi stretch interlining
Min. Quantity 1m
Order what you need (e.g. 1.87m)
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Ideal for:
Toy Making
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75cm wide, priced per metre. Multiples sent as a continuous length. G770 is a soft and bi-elastic fusible PES interlining which is universally applicable. It offers very good adhesion after application by hand iron and is highly resistant against care treatment. Due to its combination of softness, volume and resilience, this interlining is very well suitable for a wide range of fashionable outer fabrics for ladies- and menswear garment. It is ideal for applications in large and small part fusing of blazers and jackets. It performs also very well in waistbands of skirts or trousers. G770 adapts well to a wide range of outer fabrics.


Keywords Bi Elastic Iron On Woven Interfacing