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Sew Frosting Joni dress in silver dots

By Monica 3 months ago 76 Views No comments

When we received this fabric, I knew it had to be turned into a dress. I wasn't sure of what pattern or if I wanted a whole dress in it or just a skirt. The fabric is perfect for a party dress when you can dance and bounce all night! but still look glamorous in your glitzy number.

I don't wear dresses very often and don't tend to make them unless I have a very specific event in mind. I tend to make comfy and fun clothes and last year I even made a Xmas jumper for our running club's Christmas Party instead of a dress! This definitely felt like one of those projects that I'm not sure I'll be wearing much but at the same time wanted to make it even if it's just to hang it in my bedroom so I can look at it. Let it be the frosting of all my jumper cakes!

After hearing about the Sew frosting challenge by True Bias and Closet Case Patterns, I realised I mainly sew cake, and my wardrobe is in need of a bit of frosting.

After perusing some sewing books and patterns, I decided on the Tilly and the Buttons Joni dress from the her book Stretch.

The seam allowance is quite wide compared to what I usually use so after a lot of measuring (measure twice, cut once right?) I decided to cut one size smaller than the one I would need, instead of trimming the pattern's seam allowances. It turned out to be quite a good idea.

I found the pattern quite easy to follow and it was quite a quick make after I finished with all the measuring and cutting all the fabric.

I accessorised with a gorgeous "me made" enamel pin from the fabulous Joy from Pink Coat Club.

I decided not to use another piece of fabric on the bodice to face around the neck, and instead, just folded the fabric and topstitched along the edge.

The fabric is very soft and even though its just jersey with a silver print, it looks and feels luxurious to touch and it makes me feel a bit like a mermaid.

silver dots fabric for the party season!

I will need to still take pictures of me wearing the dress but still haven't had a chance during daylight hours and our studio is too cold for frolicking about in little dresses! brrrrrr! Look out for an update!

Another project I'm pretty pleased with :)

Happy sewing,

Monica x

Pompom Christmas Tree Skirt

By Monica 3 months ago 97 Views No comments

Here is a little project I made the other day. It was super quick to make and perfect for using up remnants or fat quarter bundles!

It's basically a simple dresden quilt. Measure and cut the rectangle fabric pieces 30cmx10cm and then cut diagonally across 2cm from the corner.

No need to round off the wider edges yet, you can do that at the end. Stitch all the pieces together, alternating with different fabrics, joining the short ends with short ends with approx. 5mm seam allowance.

Trim all the edges with a rotary cutter or scissors so it's all nice and round ready for binding.

Iron the dresden quilt, and sandwich a piece of Vilene/Viieseline H640 Thick iron on Volume Fleece in between another piece of Poppy red Kona. Overlock or zigzag the edges.

Stitch 2 pieces of double fold red red bias on the open edges.

Bind the bottom with more double folded red bias. Bind the centre leaving approximately 30cm extra on each side for tying.

Stitch decorative edge jumbo pompoms all around the bottom edge of the skirt.

A lot of our customers tell us they use pompoms to decorate their Christmas tree, so I thought I would give it a go this year. What a great idea! plus you can use the pompoms for another project at the end of the festive season ;)

Doesn't it all look pretty?

Happy sewing!

Monica x

Here are the products I used for this project:

christmas friends fat quarter bundle pack

Linen clouds rocking chair

By Monica 3 months ago 68 Views 2 comments

Finally got round to show you the chair I re-covered a few months ago. It's a platform rocking chair with springs that rock on it's base instead of the floor and it's super comfy!

When I saw the chair in a charity shop, it looked more shabby than chic, but I could see the potential so went ahead and bought it! I didn't le the cover so I knew I had to get on with the job right away.

16 Nov 2018 19:15:03

I pondered between all this nine fabrics from the Hummingbird collection. They are all a nice cotton linen weight and beautiful prints.

I took it home and started on the sanding and painting of the wooden frame. I've decided to paint it a very light grey chalk paint and then wax it. I took it straight to the studio after the painting was dry so I could start thinking about what fabrics I was going to use. Most of the time I'm drawn to the japanese fabrics for the quirky designs, amazing print detail and as most of them are cotton canvas or linen. The decision was easy: CLOUDS! what a surprise...

I decided to trim it in large piping to really frame the fabric and give the cushion and covers structure.

I also added a velcro closure on the sides underneath the arm for easy removal and wash if necessary.

Here's the chair in-situ. My customer seems pleased :). She agreed to pose for a little shoot but soon got distracted with a squirrel that appeared in the garden...

Overall I'm really pleased with how it turned out and it wasn't a very complicated project. I literally winged it from start to finish (as I do most of my projects) and even though I have upholstered and made cushions for a massive 3 seater sofa about 10 years ago, I really haven't got any experience with upholstery.

Happy sewing!

Monica x

Here are the products I used on this project:

japanese cotton linen hummingbird clouds fabriclarge piping 5 meter length