Frumble was founded in December 2010 and was set up to provide a different kind of online service. We found that Sewing and fabric websites we bought from weren't able to provide a broad range of sewing related items and that most didn't quite hit the mark in terms of how they treated customers. We thought we could do better so here we are now, bringing you what we believe is excellent service with a friendly smile. Frumble is made up of a small team of people, you may have already received emails from one of the members of the team but if not then here is a small introduction.

Made in Portugal, Porto in fact, which home of Port wine and the place where José Mourinho made his name with FC Porto before coming to Chelsea. Monica studied fine art specialising in paint and printmaking. She is actually a Doctor in Portugal but no one in the UK ever believes her! Monica is a self-taught sewer and has tried an tested out a lot of different fabrics on all kinds of different projects from quilting, making slippers and bag making. Most projects end up as presents for friends and family, which we know they appreciate.

Made in England, originally from Leicester. Matthew doesn't really sew, in fact he often says that sewing machines are "Voodoo" perhaps one day he will sit down and learn the basics and then who knows. Matthew is usually in charge of the computery things related with Frumble. Most of the admin is carried out by Matthew which includes managing the orders, responding the emails and generally just keeping the website and eBay tidy. He studied Industrial Design at university in Sheffield and also Civil Engineering at Coventry University.

Made in England too.Chris knows more about computers than Mat and Monica combined. Chris plays more of a consulting role in the team, as in, he gets the phone call when Mat breaks the website somehow.